The ROAR-AM project will provide a generic guideline to increase confidence in Additive Manufacturing, for a faster industrialization of the Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology and expected benefits, in terms of increased flexibility, efficiency and reduced environmental impact. The applicability of the method is not limited to a specific AM system or to the class of metallic components. The project started in late spring 2018 and will continue until summer 2021.

The objective of ROAR-AM is to develop a methodology to map and quantify random and systematic uncertainties in the powder and process parameters which contribute to the variability of AM product quality, in terms of dimensional geometries and mechanical properties of metal components produced via AM. The developed statistical approach will identify the different sources of variations and quantify those variations to confine them to a defined tolerated deviation that will guaranty the repeatability, reproducibility and reliability, i.e. the whole Robustness of the AM process. Implementation of the manufacturing strategy through several demonstrators will highlight the strength of ROAR-AM concept to secure a solid know ledge transfer from a know-how level to the entire Swedish manufacturing industry.

Project partners

  • Brogren Industries AB
  • Carpenter Powder Products AB
  • Chalmers University of Technology AB
  • Erasteel Kloster AB
  • Halmstads Gummifabrik AB
  • Hydro Extruded Solutions AB
  • Höganäs AB
  • Swerea IVF (Project Leader)

Contact persons

Christophe Lyphout, Swerea IVF, Project Leader, christophe.lyphout [at]
Lars Nyborg, Chalmers, lars.nyborg [at]