Textile recycling

The test bed for textile recycling available at the premises of Swerea IVF and the Swedish School of Textiles, is aimed at evaluating and demonstrating the potential of recycled textile as a valuable secondary raw material.

The test bed for textile recycling combines expertise and equipment available at Swerea IVF and the Swedish School of Textiles. Swerea IVF has expertise and equipment concerning textiles, plastics, composites and nonwoven whereas the Swedish School of Textiles contributes with the equivalent in textile production, design and business models.

Focus of the test bed

The focus of the test bed for textile recycling is to:

  • realize pilot recycling projects and evaluate feasibility
  • generate ideas for creating new revenue streams from textile waste
  • evaluate new applications, their market potential and recyclability
  • be an arena for matters concerning materials recycling of textiles and create links between different businesses with common interests.

Four pilots

The test bed for textile recycling project is based on four pilots:

  1. Textile to textile for mechnical processing of textile materials
  2. Textile for plastic applications
  3. Textile for nonwoven applications
  4. Textile as a raw material for biocomposite/composite applications.

Equipment and expertise

Following equipment and expertise are available at Swerea IVF:

  • textile tearing machine
  • carding equipment
  • compounding
  • melt spinning
  • melt blowing
  • injection moulding
  • mechanical characterisation and fiber analysis
  • analysis of chemical content and evaluation
  • life cycle assessment.

Following equipment and expertise are available at The Swedish School of Textiles:

  • yarn spinning
  • yarn characterisation
  • textile processing
  • fullsize machinery for knitting and weaving
  • dyeing, printing and ready-made clothing.

Project partners

The project partners in the test bed for textile recycling are:

Avfall Sverige, Business Region Göteborg, Dupont, Ellos, Emmaus Björkå, Emmaus Fredriksdal, Eton Shirts, Fjällräven, Fristad Martinson, Fritz Magnus trading, Greenworks, Hordastans, Human Bridge, ICA, IKEA, IKEA Components, Indiska, Investkonsult, JABA Group, Ludvig Svensson, Martinson textile, Naturskyddsföreningen, Novoplast, Offecct, Rapid Granulator, Renova, Sporda Nonwoven, Stadium, Svenska Röda Korset, Sweden Power Chippers, Swedese, Swerea, Swerea IVF, TEKO, Texaid, Textilhögskolan i Borås, Trifilon, Trä- och möbelföretagen, Ultramare, Volvo Car Sverige and Woolpower.

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This project is partly financed by Västra Götalandsregionen.