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Recycling of plastics

Plastics are used widely within different kinds of businesses and there is a large need for sustainable use and recycling, from a societal perspective as well as from an industrial perspective. At Swerea IVF’s test plant in Mölndal we have the right skills and equipment to develop and test new methods for reusing plastic material in new products.

There are many challenges connected to this; the environmental goals are to be reached while the industry’s need, and requirement, of cost effective secondary plastic raw material has to be met – but there are good ideas and solutions. Within the project Recycling of plastics, companies can network and participate in seminars for knowledge dissemination. Companies and universities collaborate around different issues, exchange experiences and identify opportunities.  This often leads to new collaborations and joint projects.

Competence and training

We offer support in sustainability issues, technical issues about plastic materials, construction, recycling methods and analysis methods. We also carry out sustainability analyses, value stream mapping and give advice on legislation and offer training in the area.


Many types of equipment are available in the test plant. For plastics processing, upgrading and prototype manufacturing there is equipment for granulation of plastics, extruder and compounding equipment, equipment for pelletizing, injection moulding and tools for prototype manufacturing. Several types of equipment are available for materials characterization and chemical analysis as well as for ageing and life studies of a material.

Who are we aimed at?

We are primarily aimed at plastics and manufacturing companies, product owners, polymer industry, recycling companies and machine manufacturers.

More information

Please contact us for more information or read about The network for plastic recycling.