Product development and prototype production

Swerea's large engineering halls in Mölndal and Jönköping houses extensive production resources for companies to use when they want to produce prototypes of new products.

The facility has pieces of production equipment to suit a number of different materials and technologies: casting, plastics and injection moulding, biomaterials and fibre spinning, ceramic materials and powder preparation, moulding and sintering, sheet metal shaping, surface treatments, varnishing and industrial gluing.

Our knowledge spans a wide spectrum of production methods and the facility acts as a test laboratory. If a customer wishes to use an innovative material such as cellulose fibres instead of glass fibres in polymer materials, we are there to help. If you get your prototype and production system to work here, you can then take it further in your own production system.

On the electronics side, we know how to build them using circuit boards, soldering, contacts etc, and we can produce enclosures for electronics, enabling them to cope with high temperatures and rugged environments.

The customers come from within a variety of different industrial segments, both big established companies and smaller development companies. Our customer is usually the product owner and we approach companies that are willing to produce completely new products or products with new functions.