Production development

Swerea coordinates and maintains a meeting place where research in production development is transformed into methods. Production Lift is used by companies that want to implement new ways of working in becoming more competitive.

Work is conducted under the framework of the national initiative Production Lift, which includes Teknikföretagen (a Swedish employer organisation for innovative companies) and IF Metall (the Swedish trade union for industrial workers). There is collaboration between the Chalmers University of Technology, the Royal Institute of Technology, the Luleå University of Technology, Mälardalen University, Mid Sweden University, IUC (a Swedish industrial development centre), the University of Gävle and the Technical University in Linköping.

Improve your way of working

Most of the participants are manufacturing companies with 10–300 employees, but sometimes more.  We have developed a methodology for teaching and implementing changed ways of working. Each company participates for 18 months. We have coaches out at the companies who provide support in work with change. The initiatives to date have been financed by Vinnova, the Knowledge Foundation and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, as well as the individual companies.

Typical programme points include establishment of consensus and motivation among management teams, key staff in work with change and union organisations prior to adopting and implementing new ways of working – such as in everyday management, value flow analysis and improvement groups.

Sustainable and competitive production

The programme is being continuously enhanced, with work currently underway to the broaden sizes and branches of the companies we assist, well as complementing the content. Sustainability is now integrated into production, and work environment is coupled to production in achieving long-term solutions that are right both for personnel and companies.

At the same time, Produktionslyftet is being developed as a common meeting place for academia's research in production development, with results that can immediately improve what Productionslyftet has to offer.