Paint Centre – painting in pilot and full scale

At our Paint Centre, companies can test and evaluate different pretreatment and painting methods, chemicals and colours for most types of painting.

Swerea works with painting of metal, plastic and wood. We have contacts throughout the value chain – from chemical and equipment suppliers, and manufacturers that use paint and application equipment, to end-users.

The centre is used both in research projects and in direct assignments from various companies. The 400 square metre centre has facilities for pretreatment, two spray boxes with robots and advanced application equipment, including ovens.

An assignment could be to ensure that application equipment and robot lines are appropriate for coming production, or could involve changes to a painting process. On another assignment, a paint manufacturer may have developed a new paint and wants to evaluate how the ambient environment affects the results.

We can simulate all environmental factors in our spray boxes – such as humidity, air velocity and temperature – to observe variations in efficiency or processes.