Foundry of the future

The test and demonstration facility, ToD, for cast products enables the testing and demonstration of new products, materials, technologies and working methods. A total of 40 foundry experts possessing expertise ranging from product development to simulation, metallurgy and resource efficiency are attached to the our ToD facility.

The test and demonstration facility for cast products has two purposes. The first is to enable the manufacture and demonstration of the next generation of new products. The second is to serve as a “showroom”, where new foundry and energy-efficient technology can be displayed and demonstrated. There is a broad range of expertise associated with the ToD facility, primarily within modelling and verification.

Swerea has also invested in 3D printing equipment for manufacturing sand moulds and cores. This results in shorter lead times and the opportunity to develop and demonstrate new geometries that cannot currently be manufactured.

The ToD facility is an important resource for Swedish industry, in particular the automotive and engineering industries. The ToD facility will also strengthen the Swedish foundry industry within new product and customer segments, e.g. the aviation and energy sectors.