When conducting research and development involving new materials and products it is important to study how the material/the product performs in its intended environment. We offer a wide range of accelerated tests carried out in climate and salt spray chambers or field stations.

Swerea has spent many years conducting extensive exposure testing on a variety of metals in various environments, which has enabled classification of the corrosivity of atmospheres in the standards SS-ISO 9223 and SS-EN ISO 12944-2. With the aid of a database program developed in-house, it is possible to assess corrosivity in different parts of the world. More information: korrfield.pdf

Climate chambers are used for cyclical testing where the temperature and/or humidity is varied, with or without corrosive gases.

We are also able to test the corrosion resistance of your material or product at one of our field stations. Corrosion testing under field conditions can be adapted to the customer’s requirements for location and material, both indoors and out, so-called corrosivity determination.