Composite laboratory – testing and development

There is large-scale equipment at Swerea's plant in Piteå for the development and evaluation of new composite materials, applications and production concepts. The unit is one of the largest composite institutes in Europe and works in areas such as manufacturing, structural design and materials technology, primarily with high-performance and multifunctional materials.

Within materials, the unit works a great deal with thermosetting systems for high temperatures, carbon nanotubes and biomaterials. Here we have equipment to design test materials, to measure the chemical and mechanical properties of a material, and to develop and test manufacturing on industrial scales.

We have equipment for mixing and characterising materials. The focus is predominantly on understanding what happens to materials during mould filling and the hardening process inside a moulding tool.

Several European customers utilise us as a structural design expert as we offer an in-depth theoretical capability in conjunction with the experimental aspects. A three year contract is in progress at Airbus within the area of damage resistance. We devise theoretical models for computer simulations and thereafter enter into an experimental phase in order to verify the industrial value of a certain composite component.

An assignment for GKN Aerospace Engine Systems focused on the development of a carbon fibre component for an aircraft engine. Swerea SICOMP worked with structural design technology, material selection and the development of a robot cell to automatically cut and gather reinforcement material for a pre-moulding and injection tool. Upon completion of the assignment the customer was able to further utilise the solution in their own product development.