Lifecycle Asessment (LCA)

Swerea takes a holistic view of sustainability and environmental perspectives on products, technologies and systems.

The environment is affected by the benefits and services that are produced and consumed in industry and the community. The value chains of industry are global, with resource extraction, transportation and processing stages linking the consequences together throughout the world. A minor change in a product's design or an improved production process may have a major role to play when it is scaled up to industrial levels.

By systematically studying the consequences of various changes in industrial products, technologies and systems, decision-makers at different locations in industry and the community can obtain advice about the way different changes will lead to improvement or impairment of the environmental impact.

Swerea offers services based on the internationally standardised Life-cycle Analysis (LCA) method for studying the environmental consequences of different products, technologies and systems. An LCA can be performed at various levels of ambition based on application, goals and purpose of the study. In particular, there are two different types of LCA for studying only the climatic impact or only the impact on water. An LCA is also the foundation for standardised environmental declarations and systematises the company's social responsibility in compliance with ISO 26000.


  • ISO 14040, ISO 14044, ISO 14048 – Life-cycle analysis
  • ISO 14045 – Eco-efficiency of water use value chains
  • ISO 14067 – Carbon footprint analysis
  • ISO 14025 – Environmental Product Declarations
  • ISO 26000 – Social Responsibility

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