Geometry Assurance

In times of ever toughening global competition, geometry assurance is a success factor for Swedish industry. By managing geometrical variation and deviations with support from Swerea you can excel at shortening product-development lead times.

A well-proven concept guarantees high finished-product quality. The pay-off is in the form of reduced costs for adjustments, claims and rejects. Demands for better quality in combination with greater flexibility and shorter lead times mean that you have to do things right – from the start.

Assure the geometrical quality

It is practically impossible to produce a series of perfectly identical components. In terms of precision and product similarity, variations always occur. We can help you to ensure that requirements for geometrical quality are met.

Higher product quality

We have a broad contact network and many years of experience in research and development, as well as in the industrial application of methods and technologies for geometry assurance. With our effective methods we can increase knowledge as to how the product concept and production process can be integrated, thereby yielding:

  • higher finished-product quality
  • better designs in the early concept phases
  • more secure virtual process planning
  • faster start-ups
  • more effective control and adjustment of current production

Contact and more information

Per-Johan Wahlborg

+46 (0)31 706 61 07