design and dimensioning

Design and dimensioning

Swerea offers structural design services in the application areas and material groups wherein we operate. Structural design work is contingent on the requirements of various materials and specifications, expertise we have built up over a long period of time. We have experienced computational engineers and design engineers at your disposal to support your project.

We offer an array of structural design services, from pure structural design and computational work for different constructs, to services including the development and application of new structural design models for the effective and safe design of different structures. Structural design models are developed for e.g. composites in order to predict rigidity and strength in different types of material, such as short fibre, textile reinforced, and natural fibre composites. The design of castings is another area which places high demands on understanding the component optimisation process. To ensure viability for the methods developed, they are verified through comprehensive mechanical testing.

We utilise the best software programs in structural design work, such as ANSYS and ABAQUS, which can be coupled to most conventional industrial-use CAD programs to ensure a good design.

Structural design services offered include:

  • Design of components and structures in everything from plastics to metals.
  • Structural analysis of basic designs without employing FE methods
  • Advanced FE calculations
  • Design of multi-material constructs
  • Development of structural design models

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