Manage change with Produktionslyftet

Produktionslyftet (the Production Leap) offers small and medium-sized companies within the traditional manufacturing industries training and support in practical change management based on lean principles.

We provide support in practical change management. The aim is to boost productivity, competitive advantage and the capacity for development in Swedish companies, and thereby improve the prerequisites for profitable production in Sweden.

Improve your company's competitiveness

Produktionslyftet offers companies an 18-month programme that develops the companies' own capacity to improve competitiveness. We apply principles based on the lean philosophy, but the starting point is always the companies' own strengths and values. Produktionslyftet has been developed on the basis of needs and possibilities in the manufacturing industries, but companies that are able to apply these principles within other sectors are welcome to participate.

Positive outcomes of Produktionslyftet

Several studies have shown that the Produktionslyftet produces positive effects for owners, co-workers, customers and society. Produktionslyftet is an extensive national programme that was initiated by Teknikföretagen (the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries) and IF Metall.  Swerea IVF and Chalmers University of Technology are national coordinators for the programme. Regional nodes with regional leaders are located in eight regions throughout the country.

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