Innovation management gives you competitive advantage

Innovation has to do with your company's ability to develop and commercialize products and services, from concept to realization. Swerea develops and provides methods for innovation management, as well as support for analyzing and strengthening the capacity for innovation among individuals.

Daily, we face challenges such as ever tougher competition, environmental threats and new consumer behaviour. To be able to foresee future trends, plan for the future and identify future business opportunities we need powerful tools.

What is innovation management?

Improving the capacity for innovation involves new ways of leading and organizing innovation initiatives – what we call innovation management – and working systematically with an innovation management system.

Wotk with innovation

MAKExperience, a working method that improves innovation capacity, is available to companies and regions that want to be at the forefront of development. This method helps you to create new offers based on customers' fundamental needs. We have helped more than 150 clients representing 50 small and large, private- and public-sector organizations.

Develop new products and services

A service perspective on business (service logic) allows you to create products that deliver benefit and value to your customers. By understanding benefit and value, you can identify new business opportunities. For example, your customers may want to rent a piece of equipment or a machine, instead of buying it. Such an insight can lead to the renewal of your products and services. 

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