Industrial servicification

Industrial servicification and service dominant logic

Industrial servicification and service dominant logic (SDL) are about focusing on the benefit and value of your product or service for your customer. This gives great possibilities for renewal and identification of new business opportunities for you.

Service dominant logic – focusing on the value for your customers

By better understanding the value and benefit your product or service creates or could create for your customers, you can identify new business opportunities and holistic solutions. One realization can, for example, be that your customers want to rent equipment or a machine instead of buying it and thus lead to a renewal of your offerings.

Industrial servicification and future business opportunities

Based on service dominant logic, servicification is the process of creating offerings with a balance of goods, services and business models that support your customers’ value creation in the best way possible. Industrial servicification can be the answer to challenges in the form of increasingly rapid technology development, changed consumer habits and tougher competition and environmental requirements.

We can help you understand SDL and together we can identify how you, through industrial servification, can find future business opportunities and holistic solutions.

We offer support in the shape of:

  • Raising the knowledge level, seminars and workshop
  • Customized company assignments
  • Journey of change in networks
  • Participation in research projects.

You can find more information on industrial servicification and SDL in the film Tjänstelogik i den tillverkande industrin and in our report Tjänstefiering i tillverkande företag.

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