CSR work, sustainable industry

Combine sustainability and competitiveness with CSR

Taking responsibility for the environment and people is important in everything we do. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) entails that a company takes environmental, social and financial responsibility for the effects of its decisions and operations.

CSR means engagement both in the interests of the global community and in the well-being of a company’s employees, and this extends beyond what is required by law. The idea is that CSR work should benefit all, and this also includes the company. We work for sustainable development and increased competitiveness through research, refinement of older approaches and innovation.

Responsible business strategy

CSR work cannot be limited to a company's own operations. It follows the entire production chain and is consequently equally important for large and small companies alike. We have developed a CSR tool for companies of all sizes in performing analyses, taking corrective measures and generating reports.

Market your environmental performance

For companies that want to focus solely on the environment, we have many solutions, including ecodesign in which we can analyse, strengthen and market environmental performance for both products and operations.

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