change management

Change Management

For decades Swerea has worked with change management, researched and developed methods for efficient and sustainable production. We know which ideas are best suited to Swedish companies and we have longstanding experience of change management in industry.

Change management in lean environment

Around 70% of all planned change initiatives are either highly ineffectual or amount to nothing. This shows that change management is difficult. The right tools and methods are seldom sufficient for realizing lasting improvements. Success requires an interplay between the underlying philosophy, commitment from management and personnel, and the company's structure and culture.

Management training and operational development

We believe in self-help, whereby the company itself bears responsibility for change management. But to create a win-win situation for both the company and the employees, the work environment must at the same time be improved. Only then are the necessary conditions in place for creating the creative environment that leads to greater competitiveness.

Succesful change management

For change initiatives to succeed, one must first understand one’s own thinking and how it influences behaviour. A successful way to implement change is to integrate management training and operational development programmes that enable new ways of thinking.

Sustainable change

We coach managers, dedicated change leaders and co-workers. Our goal is sustainable change in the companies we work with; change that lasts and continues to develop through the company's own efforts. At our disposal we have many different methods and tools that can be combined according to the company's unique needs. Read more under Services and Operational Development 

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