Verksamhetsutveckling för systematisk förbättring

Operational Development

Developing your business, setting targets and engaging employees are intricate. Swerea offers integrated and structured operational development methods for the manufacturing industry.

By re-evaluating operations, a company's innovative and competitive capacity is increased. Business development entails managing changes in the outside world and refining the company's different functions and how they interact. Moreover, we focus on increasing productivity and competitiveness for small and medium-sized companies based on lean principles.

Improved work process in a good work environment

Our research and development work specialises in devising methods which balance culture and structure, rationalise the work and, at the same time, maintain a good working environment. Swerea has developed numerous work methods that focus on different aspects of business development.

Change management for systematic improvement

Some of our key concepts include innovation management, change management, lean, the work environment, project management and, not least of all, employeeship. Together with you, we draw up procedures and methods enabling you to systematically improve the conditions in your organisation. We provide coaching for management, designated change managers and employees.

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