Mechanical Testing

Where mechanical properties are concerned, Swerea works according to a holistic approach. We perform advanced and adapted testing, especially in the area of metals, to generate data which can then be used, for example, for verification of FE computations and more.

We have longstanding experience of mechanical testing of many different parameters and we can assist with everything from production testing with short delivery times to special research projects. One of our specialities is creating test programmes and developing adapted testing methods for advanced testing with respect to temperature, environment and speed/rate.

Development of simulation methodologies is also an important complementary area. We conduct finite element analyses to understand and predict the performance of materials in use.

Swerea has equipment for various types of fatigue testing, creep testing, tensile testing, hot tensile testing, impact testing, hardness testing, residual stress testing, retained austenite measurement and testing in aggressive environments. These are just a few examples of available equipment and types of testing conducted by Swerea.

Please feel free to contact us to enquire about testing. We'll provide all the support and assistance you need.

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