Polymeric testing

Testing of polymeric materials

Swerea has knowledge, expertise and equipment for polymeric testing. We perform mechanical testing, thermal analysis, chemical analysis, microanalysis, and assessment of rheology and ageing. 

We conduct testing and analysis within the field of plastics. Our operations are characterised by broad polymer engineering expertise and we work specifically with industries and products in which plastics and rubber are used. Normally, we apply existing standards and methods, but in cases where these are lacking we develop our own specially adapted methods.

Mapping polymer characteristics and quality failures

Testing and analysis of polymers are of interest in different contexts. Failure analysis, the investigation of product failure, is one example. Testing and analysis may also be conducted to provide information that is missing on a material data sheet.

Quality assurance in materials development

Different products must have specific characteristics and meet requirements that are directly related to material properties. When a new material is to be selected or when alternative materials are to be assessed, materials testing and measurement of material properties are crucial for making the right choice.

We conduct testing, analysis and studies in the following areas:

  • mechanical testing (tensile testing, bending testing, impact testing (Charpy), fatigue testing)
  • thermal analysis (DMTA, DSC, TGA)
  • chemical analysis (FTIR, GC-MS)
  • microscopy (SEM, Light optical microscopy (LOM))
  • rheology (Bohlin rheometer, MFR/MVR, RPA, spiral test)
  • climate - ageing (climate chamber, convection oven)
  • test samples and test plates from raw material

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Mattias Andersson

Mattias Andersson

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Dinko Lukes

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