Testing and analysis of ceramic materials

We characterize powders and assess ceramic materials – microstructure, mechanical and thermal properties, and perform failure analyses. Particle size, chemical composition and behaviour in different media are examples of important factors in processes and products.

When manufacturing ceramic materials, to be able to optimize forming processes and material properties, it important to have knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of the powder raw material.

Powder analyses

Powder can be both a raw material and the final product of a manufacturing process. We have longstanding experience of powder processes and powder characterization. When powder is used in industrial processes its properties have an impact on processability as well as on the final product characteristics and material properties.

Material and failure analyses

We analyze ceramic materials with respect to microstructure, porosity and pore size distribution, and mechanical and thermal properties. This area also includes failure analyses. Examples of analyses include:

  • Powder analyses (density, particle size distribution, specific surface)
  • Rheology of powders, powder suspensions and slurries
  • Granulate size
  • Granulate homogeneity and miscibility

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