National Projects

Swerea leads and participates in more than 40 national projects. Many projects are partly financed via state funding to support the competitiveness of Swedish industry. National research is funded mainly by Vinnova, as well as by e.g., the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, county administrative boards and academic institutions, within the framework for various research programmes.

Below is a list of some of our national projects. Contact us for more information about the different projects.

DiLAM - additive manufacturing of large components
The competitiveness of the Swedish manufacturing industry will be strengthened by joining the digital and physical value chains for additive manufacturing of large-scale components. 

The overall vision for the project is a sustainable and waste free production, including the view on waste as a potential resource. The project is proposed as an integrated effort to take advantage of previously gained achievments, to demonstrate and evaluate new technologies according to feasibility for implementation in production and to support the further development of approaches of importance for sustainable production.

Mistra Future Fashion
The objective of Mistra Future Fashion is to deliver insights and solutions targeting the swedish fashion industry, regarding environmental sustainability. The insights aims to help the industry improve competitiveness as well as environmental performance.

Mistra Intelligent Cleaning
Mistra is a research foundation which supports research of strategic importance for a good living environment. Mistras investment should lead to products, processes and services which reduce the environmental impact of our society and improve the sustainable use of resources.

Open Obeya product development
Open Obeya studies and analyses five swedish companies aiming to find inmprovements in the process of product development. The projekt focuses on how multisolution techniques may be used to shorten lead times, increase customer value and generate more efficient tools for procuct development.

Plasma project - Smart textiles
Textil Plasma is a techical platform and an initiative targeting the swedish textile industry and adjacent industry areas. The initiative aims to imrove the environmental profile and functionality of textile products through plasma treatment.

Swerea Cable Plastic Recycling
Together with companies within the manufacturing and recycling industry we build knowledge about sorting- and seperation techniques for increased recycling. The projekt, lead by Swerea, focuses on long-term and sustainable recycling of plastic materials from cables.