Industry is facing a shift in technology in manufacturing of multi-material designs. Through combining Swerea’s multiple areas of expertise we help industry overcome their challenges. 

Multi-material products are made up from two or more materials put together to create one unique functionality, that is not attainable using only one material. Today’s multi-material designs are commonly developed to increase performance and/or attain new functions. For example, attaining lighter products, better corrosion protection or designing more environmentally friendly products.

Efficient production systems

To match future demands on multi-material designs a shift in technology is needed. A shift that companies might have difficulty in achieving alone. Collaboration between industry, institutes and academia is essential in finding new and competitive solutions.

One big challenge is to develop cost effective production systems for high volume production. And with that comes confronting and changing the infrastructure of today’s production systems, often associated with large costs.

Cross-disciplinary solutions

Multi-material design is one of Swerea’s five areas of focus, where we work cross-disciplinary to find new innovative solutions. Our knowledge is unique and enables us to understand the product development with multiple materials and adapted production processes. Our competences include:

  • materials development
  • design solutions
  • virtual product development methods
  • cost effective production systems
  • test and demo facilities for product verification

Read more about our competence within multi-material and multi-material design.

Let our experts help you

By combining material experts with experienced project managers we can quickly help with your design and manufacturing challenges. We have a broad suite of laboratory equipment, experienced researchers and an extensive network within industry. Please contact us for more information!