Circular economy is a vision of an economic system which is designed to recreate resources, over and over again. The central idea in circular economy is to utilize the value of a product, its raw material and resources in the best way possible in “circular systems”.

Utilize the product’s value 

One way of utilizing the value of a product can be to extend its life; either by technically repairing and renovating it, or commercially letting it out or re-selling it. Another way could be to take back materials and/or components and reusing these again. Another option can be to recycle the material.  

Technical and business challenges

The company needs to be able to deal with many challenges in order to utilize the product’s value in the best possible way. The challenges can be technical, such as being able to measure the quality of what you get returned. They can also be on the business side, such as being able to create models for how to charge people when you want your products back or how to more clearly connect to other companies.  

Strategy for a circular economy 

For many companies or value chains it is not obvious which solutions within circular economy (re-use, renovation, re-manufacturing or recycling) best suit their product/component or material.

Swerea can contribute with analyses of the economy, business models, technical possibilities and sustainability consequences of the different choices and we can also assist with information on which you can base your decision making.

Swerea’s offer

Once the company has chosen a solution, Swerea can help with developing products, components or materials. We can also help with developing supplier chains, different technical processes such as manufacturing or to analyze products that have been taken back, components and materials. 

With our multi-sectorial skills and experts from all Swerea subsidiaries we can help companies to take on the challenges of the future. Right now we are looking for companies to our different projects, please contact us if your want to know more.