Swerea continuously publish scientific articles, reports, conference proceedings, manuals and many other publications within our fields of expertise. Many (not all) of these are available for download below or in our online shop.

If you seek a specific publication you may also contact our subsidiaries directly, through email. 

Scientific reports and publications
All of our scientific reports and publications are also assembled within the DIVA database (opens in a new window). 

Publikation Författare År Typ
Swerea Annual Report 2015 Download Swerea 2015 Annual reports

No abstract available.

Swerea SICOMP e-news_eng Swerea SICOMP 2015 Newsletters and Magazines

Swerea SICOMP e-news is a digital newsletter published by Swerea SICOMP presenting our latest news.

The Chemicals group Download Swerea IVF 2015 Brochures

No abstract available.

Fluidized bed pilot plant Download 2014 Brochures

The fluidized bed process presents good potential for utilizing raw materials that have a higher content of pollutants. With our advanced pilot facility and the knowledge centre FLUBET, we wish to secure a world-leading position as a developer of metallurgical processes in large pilot scale.

Swerea Annual Report 2014 Download Swerea 2014 Annual reports

No abstract available.

Life cycle assessment Download Mats Zackrisson, Sandra Roos 2013 Brochures

Life cycle assessment is a method of analyzing the environmental impact of a product’s life cycle; from raw material extraction (cradle) to waste disposal (grave). Life cycle assessment is standardized in ISO 14040 and ISO 14044, but can be carried out in many different ways, depending on the purpose of the assessment.

Swerea Annual Report 2013 Download Swerea 2013 Annual reports

No abstract available.

Life cycle assessment of Z-Bee, an electric vehicle with body made of composite materials Download Sandra Roos, Magdalena Szpieg 2012 Reports

This report contains the result of a life cycle assessment (LCA) of the Z-Bee vehicle from Clean Motion AB. The Z-Bee is an electric vehicle with body made of composite materials. The work is apart of a project called: “Optimization of Body in FRP-Composite for small Electric Vehicle” founded by Mistra Innovation – The Foundation of Strategic Environmental Research. In the following work, the second generation of Z-Bee has been studied. The life cycle assessment is focused on the composite components of the Z-Bee. For all the components made of other material, a streamlined (simplified) LCA is performed.

Swerea Annual Report 2012 Download Swerea 2012 Annual reports

No abstract available.

Swerea Annual Report 2011 Download Swerea 2011 Annual reports

No abstract available.

Steel and its Heat treatment - a handbook Torsten Holm, Pelle Olsson, Eva Troell 2010 Books

The book “Steel and it’s heat treatment – a handbook” covers everything from metallography, grades of steel, heat treatment processes and material testing to the equipment used, associated processes, safety and the environment. Examples of heat treatment methods dealt with are case hardening, induction hardening, nitriding processes, tempering and annealing.

Swerea Annual Report 2010 Download Swerea 2010 Annual reports

No abstract available.

Swerea Annual Report 2009 Download Swerea 2009 Annual reports

No abstract available.

Swerea Annual Report 2008 Download Swerea 2008 Annual reports

No abstract available.

Life cycle assessment of personal computers Download Anna-Karin Jönnbrink 2005 Reports

No abstract available.

Beneficial Research by Swerea Swerea Brochures

Each year, Swerea carries out more than 4,000 research and development assignments for customers and public-sector funding bodies. In this brochure we aim to explain the benefits of our research in a brief and accessible way for those who are not specialists or in other ways informed about our work.

Pilot Plant Equipment Download Swerea MEFOS Brochures

No abstract available.