Beneficial Research by Swerea

Beneficial Research from Swerea gathers a selection of projects that we have conducted in collaboration with our clients for the benefit of industry and society. This brochure aim to explain the benefits of our research in a brief and accessible way.

Are you a civil engineer, politician or a curious citizen? Either way you shall be able to read and understand what we do and how our research benefits industry and society. Should you like to know more about a specific example, contact details are available next to each text. 

Beneficial Research from Swerea is published once a year. Please feel free to browse through our digital brochures. Print copies are also available in Swedish.

Beneficial Research by Swerea, vol.8
PDF iconBeneficial Research by Swerea, vol.7
Beneficial Research by Swerea, 2016 (vol.6)
Beneficial Research by Swerea, 2015 (vol.5)
Beneficial Research by Swerea, 2014 (vol.4)
Beneficial Research by Swerea, 2013 (vol.3)
Beneficial Research by Swerea, 2011 (vol.2)