Here you find our logos in different file formats. Download files as PNG, high resolution JPEG or EPS. 

When using our logo it shall always be surrounded by a "safety zone", a minimum limit free space all around. The safety zone shall be of at least the same size as the "S" in Swerea, within the logotype. If you choose to change size of the logo, make sure that the safety zone corresponds to the new size of the letter "S". On a coloured background the logo shall be used in white or black.

If a white or black logo is needen, please get in touch with our press contacts and they will be happy to help you with your request or any question you may have.

Note! You may not change or manipulate shape or colour in any way. 

Attached files

Swerea Logotype PMS

Swerea Logotype EPS

Swerea Logotype JPEG

Swerea IVF Logotype PMS

Swerea IVF Logotype JPEG

Swerea IVF Logotype EPS

Swerea KIMAB Logotype PMS

Swerea KIMAB Logotype JPEG

Swerea KIMAB Logotype EPS

Swerea MEFOS Logotype PMS

Swerea MEFOS Logotype JPEG

Swerea MEFOS Logotype EPS

Swerea SICOMP Logotype PMS

Swerea SICOMP Logotype JPEG

Swerea SICOMP Logotype EPS

Swerea SWECAST Logotype PMS

Swerea SWECAST Logotype JPEG

Swerea SWECAST Logotype EPS