Let´s Einstein the plastics!

Virgin plastic packaging film is produced in ever greater quantities, depleting resources and straining the environment. Fortunately, there is a way to recycled plastic film – we just need to find it. And that’s why we invite you to participate in a competition on plastic innovation. The goal is to produce plastic material from collected consumer packaging that can be used for plastic film blowing.

Why should I participate?

The winning contribution will be tested at two commercial plastic production companies and the results will be evaluated by ICA and Essity, two large consumers of plastic packaging film. Additionally, you will have a great opportunity to expose your innovation to the market, gain guidance and much more. Our purpose is to find new opportunities of using recycled plastic that in the long run will lead to increased recycling.

Can I participate?

The competition is open for companies or students in EU, who have the skills, equipement and knowledge to develop a recycled plastic material that meets the requirements.

Who wins?

A competition contribution consists of 3 kg of plastic granules and a description. The plastic granules should contain at least 90% of material from collected plastic packages. The description should include the material source and how the material has been modified to fit the criterias. Read assesment criterias and rules. 


1. Register here! to let us know that you want to participate
2. Download and print the description form Let´s Einstein the plastics.pdf (382.61 KB)
3. Send in 3 kg of plastic granules together with the 1-page description to;

Swerea IVF
Argongatan 30
431 53 Mölndal


Your contribution should be sent in latest October 15th!