Corrosion News

Corrosion News is a magazine published by Swerea KIMAB in collaboration with Institute de la Corrosion, twice a year. Corrosion News contains news from the activities with a focus on corrosion and research as well as articles on how our research results are applied in Swedish industry.

Previous number

 Corrosion News #12 (3.06 MB)

 Corrosion News #11 2017 (4.24 MB)
 Corrosion News #10 2016 (1.53 MB)
 Corrosion News #9 2015 (1.97 MB)
 Corrosion News #8 2015 (4.34 MB)
 Corrosion News #7 2014 (2.59 MB)
 Corrosion News #6 2014 (7.84 MB)

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