textilt spill i möbelindustrin

Your old jacket is turned into a new sofa in an ongoing Swerea project

6 October, 2017

Does a sofa or an office chair always have to be produced using new textile raw material? This is something that is investigated by Lisa Schwarz Bour, project manager for a new research project; the goal is to increase the use of textile waste in the furniture industry.

Products from the furniture industry are produced and consumed in ever increasing quantities, which means a greater demand for textile raw material. Therefore, there is great potential and business opportunities for companies in the furniture industry to take a closer look at using recycled material.

 – The goal with our new project is to start working in a new direction- to think about if a product or parts of a product can be manufactured by using recycled material instead of new raw material right from the idea stage, says Lisa Schwarz Bour.

Furniture and interior design consist of different materials, e.g. composite, plastics and textiles. For a long time, recycled raw material has been used in e.g. insulation and padding, but this “downcycling” is something that the project wants to move away from, and instead work towards reusing materials in more high-quality applications.

 – We need materials with better properties, therefore we need to be able to sort the materials included better, in order to get recycled raw material of high quality. Aspects around sustainability are important in the project. The end product must not have more impact on the environment than if it had been produced from new raw material.

The participating companies have also brought their subcontractors along, which creates favourable conditions to quickly be able to produce real details using new materials.

The project will be ongoing for two years and some of the participating companies are:

GRANIT, Innovatum, Lammhults möbler, Ludvig Svensson, Martela, Nobia and SWT development.

The project is a part of RE:Source, which is Sweden’s largest research – and innovation venture within the resource- and waste area.

 – We would love to get in touch with more companies in the furniture industry. There is great potential for companies to review their products and increase collaboration between different industries, says Lisa Schwarz Bour.