Open technology day 2018

The Laboratory of the Future at Open Technology Day 2018

1 May, 2018

How can future companies become more efficient and competitive? To find out, representatives from industry, academia, institutes, ministries and agencies attended Open Technology Day 2018 at Swerea IVF in Mölndal, which also saw the inauguration of the new workshop laboratory.

During this year's Open Technology Day, the participants were able to visit several new laboratories and testbeds which were constructed in the workshop in Mölndal over the last few months. The labs and testbeds will enable companies to build virtual and physical environments in order to test digitalised production methods of the future and to boost competitiveness for individual companies.

“We are in the middle of a very intensive period in which we are overhauling and refurbishing our labs and testbeds. We have been given the monumental task of paving the way for new technologies,” said Mats Lundin, CEO of Swerea IVF at the inauguration.

Automation and digitalisation

The main focus of the day was on testbeds for automation and digitalisation, as well as additive manufacturing in factories of the future. In the workshop, participants were given demonstrations of five upgraded laboratories within the following areas:

  • Surface Integrity Lab – Characterisation of surfaces and their properties
  • IRBAM – Robotic additive manufacturing of large plastic components
  • Additive Manufacturing Research Lab – Unique collaboration between researchers and industry
  • Hybrid Joining Cell – Testbed for hybrid joining
  • Paint Center – Automated mounting and demounting of articles for surface treatment.

The newest additions to the workshop will play a vital role in the Swedish manufacturing industry. According to many of the attending participants, they will lead to increased competitiveness and innovation, particularly as relates to the goal that Sweden should be at the forefront when to comes to utilising the opportunities afforded by digitalisation.