Framtidens material

The future of materials – 3 trends and 7 truths.

1 November, 2016

A new trend report by Swerea explores trends, truths and possibilities within materials development. How about smart textiles for a comfier healthcare, lighter car materials for lower fuel consumption, and new textiles replacing water-consuming cotton? Materials development has without a doubt an important role in shaping our future.

The need for better and smarter materials is big and endless. What does it take to create the materials of the future and what is the competition?

In Swerea’s new trend report The Future of Materials, industry, academia, public institutions, futurists and Swerea experts have identified 3 driving forces and 7 truths that will affect materials- and products development.

− Our hope is that the report will contribute to giving the industry a head-start. Materials- and products developers are in a good position to compete successfully as the industrial wheels spin faster and demands are going up. As for now, the potential for collaboration has perhaps never been bigger, says Göran Carlsson group CEO at Swerea.

The report consists of answers and input from over 400 experts, CEOs and futurists collected and compiled by Kairos Future, on behalf of Swerea. The report was released in Swedish June 2016 and in English October 2016.

Want to know more?

The Future of Materials is a continuation of the report The Future of Industry, launched by Swerea in 2015.