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Swerea to be partitioned and restructured on 1 October

3 July, 2018

Swedish research will be strengthened by a restructuring of the institutes. Swerea, which today is jointly owned by Swedish industry and the Swedish state, is being partitioned.

Changes are being implemented amongst the Swedish research institutes this autumn by the partitioning of the Swerea Group. The subsidiaries currently known as Swerea MEFOS and parts of the Swerea KIMAB will merge to form a new industrial research institute focusing on metals research with a total of 185 employees. The remaining parts of Swerea’s operations, including 355 employees, will transfer to RISE. 

“The Swedish steel and metal industry must continue to vigorously develop its products and capacity in order to maintain its position in the market. Both materials and application development will be essential for the companies to retain their positions as leading global suppliers,” says Bo- Erik Pers, CEO of Jernkontoret and Chair of Stiftelsen Svensk Järn- och Metallforskning and Metallurgiska Forskningsbolaget in Luleå.

“It’s fantastic that we are now getting an additional 355 innovative problem solvers here at RISE. In order to meet major societal challenges and – not least of all – the shift to a more sustainable society, we need to work across research boundaries. It is in the interface between different technologies and competencies where new achievements will come about. The broader our industry expertise, the stronger and more attractive we will be as a partner to industry,” says Pia Sandvik, CEO of RISE. 

The deal will take effect as of 1 October 2018 and concerns a total of 540 employees nationwide. 

For more information, read the individual press releases from RISE and Jernkontoret.