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Swerea opens a new EMC lab

9 November, 2017

The main focus points when Swerea IVF opened a new EMC lab in Mölndal were: better work environment and accessibility. ”Increasing the EMC testing knowledge of the employees of the individual companies is our main goal and then it is extremely important that they like our premises” says Hans Grönqvist, contact person for the EMC activities at Swerea IVF.

The EMC lab is a so called Pre-compliance lab; companies can come here and test products that are being developed to make sure that the products fulfill the EMC directive and other standards. The new lab is located in bigger premises with better accessibility and ventilation.  

Peter Siljehov and Jan Lewerentz had the great honour of opening the new lab. They work at CPAC Systems AB, a part of Volvo Group, and develop electronics products for e.g. the marine sector and the heavy vehicle industry.

– It is of great value to us, as engineers who work with electronics development ourselves, to be able to come here and test the products during their prototype stage, without having to wait long and without it costing a fortune, says Jan.

– Yes, we are members of the EMC network and we visit the lab in Mölndal around 10-12 times a year, so it is great that they have new premises. We have spent many hours here over the years and built up an important skill set which the company benefits from, Peter adds.

The lab in Mölndal is only one of the three EMC labs that Swerea run. The other two labs are located in Nacka (Stockholm) and Arlöv (Malmö). Companies that are members of Swerea IVF’s EMC network and whose staff has had the necessary training have access to the labs. The tests that can be performed are:

  • Radiated emission (to 6 GHz)
  • Conducted emission
  • Immunity to Burst up to 4 kV (fast transients)
  • Immunity to Surge up to 4 kV (lightning protection)
  • Immunity to ESD up to 30 kV (electro static burst)
  • Immunity to conducted disturbances
  • Immunity to irradiated fields (to 1 GHz).

The labs are mainly built for tests according to CISPR 32, which is the most common standard, but investments have also been made to be able to test according to CISPR 25, which is quite common in connection with vehicles.  

Apart from EMC testing, there is also equipment and competence at Swerea IVF within SEM, EDS, SAM and TEM for micro analysis, climatic chamber for temperature cycling and environmental testing as well as specialist equipment for vibration testing and mechanical shock testing of e.g. electric soldered joints and micro focus x-ray.

 – The important thing to remember in all testing is not that we have the necessary equipment, but that we also have the skills needed to analyse the results, Hans concludes and welcomes more companies to contact Swerea IVF for different types of testing and analysis.