Swedish-Brazilian meeting strengthens research links

Swedish-Brazilian meeting strengthens research links

14 November, 2018

The Swedish-Brazilian Research and Innovation Center CISB has visited RISE IVF. The organization works to promote dialogue and a good cooperation environment between Sweden and Brazil.
– The visit has led us to know key people in high positions in Brazil. With high probability this will lead to deeper networking and collaboration in production research, Mats Werke says, researcher in component manufacturing at RISE IVF and responsible for the visit.

CISB is a private and non-profit organization which includes representatives of ministries, innovative entrepreneurs and companies. The 15-person delegation has traveled for a week in Sweden to get information and networking around education, entrepreneurship and research. Alessandra Holmo, CEO of the organization, answers the question why Sweden is interesting for the delegation.

– Sweden is one of the world's most innovative countries and we want to understand why. It is a small and open country with many large companies devoted to export. The 2014 industrial partnership between our countries has opened several cooperation opportunities.

Research in ICT, mining and IoT are areas that CISB draw attention to, even new materials may in the long run be of interest. The delegation draws attention to several research areas within RISE IVF.

– Your research in additive manufacturing, robotics, lightweight, including the hosting of the strategic innovation program LIGHTer and wet spinning related to bioeconomy is very important to us, as Brazil is today the largest producer of cellolusa, Alessandra Holmo explains.

Cooperation between universities in Sweden and Brazil has already been created. Alessandra Holmo sees the possibility of forming similar collaborations with institutes in Sweden and especially RISE.

– One of my goals is to connect RISE to Brazil, to present Research Institutes of Sweden for significant financiers and for our ministers. Therefore, we have in the delegation the company Suzano Pulp & Paer, FINEP-Founding of Innovation and Research and the MDIC - Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services. As a leader of the mission, my goal is to be as effective as possible for all concerned participants and I look forward to new collaborations, Alessandra Holmo concludes.

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