Svenska Monteringspriset 2018
Pristagare Tommy Karlsson, prisutdelare Anna Davidsson och pristagare Christian Nilsson

Swedish Assemblage Prize 2018

16 March, 2018

The Swedish assemblage prize was handed out for the 17th time. The winners are Christian Nilsson and Tommy Karlsson from Volvo Construction Equipment AB in Hallsberg. They receive the prize for their work with changing the whole mounting and creating a flexible, takted, assembly line for all products, regardless of contents.

“Under difficult circumstances, the winners have managed to achieve a takted, flexible assembly line in a production with greatly varied contents.  This successful project shows that flexible “mixed-model” assembly lines can be achieved in several different lines of businesses, therefore it opens a door for many companies that perhaps thought that this was only for cars and heavy vehicles” says Anna Davidsson, who has been involved in the development within Swedish assembly for a long time and who handed out the prize to the winners.

The prize consists of an artwork by the artist Ebba von Wachenfeldt and SEK 20 000.

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