State-of-the-art for Additive Manufacturing of Metals – Report from Ramp-Up

16 August, 2017

In this report the focus is on the worldwide state of the art for metal AM, with a particular focus on how the situation looks in Sweden. The report has a focus on Swedish activities and the areas of strength in Swedish industries. Swedish areas of excellence include, for example, materials and powder, manufacturing and automation, design and digitalization.

This report includes an overall exploration into the state of the art for various fields of metal AM. Areas such as aerospace, medical devices, energy and engineering industry segments have been explored to find the challenges and drivers for the full potential use of industrial AM.

This report is a first step in creating a roadmap for the field of research and innovation to promote the industrialization of additive manufacturing (AM) of metals in Sweden. The creation of this roadmap is initiated by the strategic innovation program for Metallic Materials, in collaboration with Vinnova and Swerea is project manager for the project.

 Link to report.