Professor med fokus på hållbar järn- och ståltillverkning

Professor with focus on sustainable iron and steelmaking

9 February, 2017

Chuan Wang, Swerea MEFOS, has been appointed Docent and Associate Professor, in the field of sustainable iron and steelmaking, at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Åbo Akademi University.

Chuan Wang holds a PhD in energy engineering and has previously worked with Åbo Akademi University on several occasions. His research has focused on energy savings and reduced carbon dioxide emissions in the blast furnace-BOF process chain e.g., through optimization of preheating processes in the blast furnace process.

"Chuan has adopted a sustainability perspective in both the iron and steelmaking processes. He also regularly publishes scientific articles and his scientific work is exemplary. Chuan Wang is a high-level specialist and we are very pleased to once again join Swerea MEFOS in collaboration," says Professor Henrik Saxén at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Åbo Akademi University.

"We are delighted that Chuan has been offered a docentship and associate professorship at Åbo Akademi University. We hope that this will lead to further development of process integration and optimization of process systems," says Mikael Larsson, research manager at Swerea MEFOS.

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