New institutes structure set to strengthen industry research

21 March, 2018

The owners of the research group Swerea have signed a letter of intent to implement measures to further strengthen the Swedish institute sector. These measures will consist of two thirds of the Swerea Group merging with RISE and the remaining third forming the new institute for steel and mining research, SWERIM. The target completion date for this structural change is 1 July 2018.

The purpose of the change is twofold: firstly, to strengthen the Swedish institute sector’s capacities in, among other things, digitalisation, smart industry, production technology, recycling and materials development and, secondly, to focus metal research on fossil-free production.

Underpinning the decision is a consensus among the owners that Swerea’s customers and partners will benefit from the new structure. It is also considered that the Swedish steel and mining industry’s objective to achieve fossil-free production by 2045 make these research activities of such critical importance that they should be gathered in a new institute for steel and mining research, SWERIM.

Swerea MEFOS and parts of Swerea KIMAB will form the new institute for steel and mining research. The remaining parts of the Swerea organisation will transfer to RISE.

“This is an agreement that will strengthen the Swedish institute sector and thus contribute to the increased competitiveness of Swedish-based industry,” says Göran Carlsson, Group CEO and Director of Swerea.

“We are extremely motivated to achieve our goal of fossil-free production. The new research institute represents a coalition of forces, all with the will to get there,” says Bo-Erik Pers, CEO of Jernkontoret and Chairman of the Foundation for Iron and Metal Research, as well as of MEFOR, Metallurgiska Forskningsbolaget i Luleå AB.

“For Swedish industry, today’s decision will result in greater opportunities for multidisciplinary innovation,” says Anna Davidsson, head of production research at Volvo Cars and Chairman of Swerea IVF's Owners’ Association.

“For the Swedish foundry industry, this is a genuine structural measure. A major proportion of the applied automotive research in Sweden will be gathered in RISE. This also applies to test and demonstration facilities. The fact that Swerea SWECAST is set to become an integral part of RISE will create further opportunities for the foundry industry,” says Lars Johansson, Chairman of the Swedish Foundry Association.

The change is planned to be implemented on 1 July 2018.