New film explains the benefits of innovation management

13 December, 2018

What is innovation and what does innovation mean to you? In “A film about Innovation Management” Enterprise Europe Network illustrates the benefits of continuous renewal.

Innovation is a prerequisite for long term profitability but can also be difficult to grasp. Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) supports small and medium sized businesses in order to strengthen their capability to innovate. The goal is to enable companies to systematically develop new services, products and processes, as well as business and organisational models to meet market demands.

― Long term competitiveness requires a persistent ability to constantly renew business propositions and operations. There is a need for a structured way of working with innovation strategy, organisation and culture, and innovation processes, – in short, innovation management, says Christin Vännman, researcher at RISE.

For companies, it is about acting now to benefit later. But finding the right path can be difficult. RISE is a part of the EEN network, working actively to future-proof small and medium sized businesses.

The network offers a seven day cost-free analysis and coaching. Results can be used to compare a business to others within the same segment and to develop road-maps for improvements. The idea is to let companies build their own system for innovation management, to sustain competitiveness and success when facing future challenges.

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