New Centre of Electron Microscopy for Materials Sciences

19 June, 2017

CEM4MAT aims to visualise and make available the broad, complementary and complementary competences in TEM on materials which exist at the different EM centers in the region. This is very important considering the massive investments already made to build the TEM infrastructure and the long training it takes to become a skilled TEM application specialist.

This initiative is very timely as both Stockholm University and Uppsala University have recently invested in new state-of-the-art TEMs with sub-Ångström resolution. Together we want to make these facilities, and in particular the new TEMs, accessible to researchers from academy and industry in the region as well from other groups in Sweden and beyond. CEM4MAT’s EM facilities are currently utilised by other Swedish academic institutions as well as SMEs and large enterprises. For our industry users the collaboration also brings forward the development of knowledge build-up within these organisations.

"The announcement of the launch event for CEM4MAT has been met with positive remarks and strong support from both leadership at the universities, institut as well as funding agencies and industry," says Joacim Hagström, Swerea KIMAB.

The expertise and infrastructure of these institutions and facilities in CEM4MAT complement each other, which means that there is excellence, sometimes world-leading, in most materials related research. This provides a unique combination of depth and breadth in TEM usage; in scientific knowledge, infrastructure, but also in the amazing regional fleet currently being expanded.

CEM4MAT is focused in its aim to build up the TEM based regional research infrastructure and make it accessible and transparent for external and internal users alike. CEM4MAT will highlight and open up access to the high level of scientific competence within materials related TEM studies available in the region.

This is a regional platform to make the Transmission Electron Microscopy based research infrastructure accessible and transparent for external and internal users. The four nodes of CEM4MAT, specialised in Materials Sciences, are Uppsala University, Stockholm University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Swerea KIMAB. 

Joacim Hagström Swerea KIMAB, +46 8 440 48 11, joacim.hagstrom [at] swerea.se
Gunnar Svensson SU, +46 8 16 45 05, gunnar.svensson [at] mmk.su.se
Klaus Leifer UU, +46 18 471 79 72, klaus.leifer [at] angstrom.uu.se
Joydeep Dutta KTH, +46 8 790 81 42, joydeep [at] kth.se

Invitation to the launch:  http://www.cem4mat.se/news/news-item/?tarContentId=644950
Website: www.cem4mat.se