Member of the newly started SubTechSweden

21 August, 2017

SubTechSweden is a newly formed association for Swedish actors who work in the field of underwater technology. The association was founded in early 2017 by Swedish representatives from industry, institutes, authorities and academia.

When creating an innovative product (or modifying existing equipment) it is very important to assess the risk of corrosion in the environment for which it is intended and, if necessary, adjust the design of the innovation on that basis. For example existing materials may need replacing or corrosion protection measures put into effect. There are too many examples of innovations or modified equipment which have failed to cope in a different environment. This has resulted in serious shortcomings regarding life expectancy due to corrosion damage – which could have been avoided by making use of existing corrosion knowledge.

"Swerea KIMAB, with its expertise in corrosion, became a member of SubTechSweden in August 2017 in order to contribute towards reducing the risk of corrosion problems in the underwater technology area," says Magnus Nordling, senior researcher at Swerea KIMAB.