IFG leadership development programme

IFG a unique leadership development programme

19 September, 2017

IFG is a unique leadership development programme of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) with 15 exclusively selected members. The purpose of the programme is to offer individuals from the next generation of R&D leaders, professional development as research directors, and to allow new impressions to inspire fresh ideas among the members for research, development and innovation processes.

This week the group is intending to study the R&D ecosystem in the Boston area by visiting companies in digitization, AI, robotization to learn about how an environment plays a role in boosting innovation (MIT Langer Lab, MIT Media Lab, Broadview Ventues, Swissnex, Recorded Future, IHS Markit, Learnlaunch, MIT center for Bits and Atoms, The Engine, Massrobotics, Broad Institute and U.S. Department of Transportation – Volpe National Transportation Systems Center). The group consists of participants from Scania, Mycronic, Svea skog, näringsdepartementet, Astra Zeneca, SciLifeLab, Vironova, Vattenfall, Trafikverket, Saab, Vinnova, AstaZero, Gradient Descent, Kairos future and Swerea KIMAB. 

All of the IFG members – who are selected by peers in the Academy for a three-year period – have leadership responsibility in research and development and each member represents a unique field within the group. Together the members form an interdisciplinary assembly that largely covers areas considered of strategic importance for the future of Swedish industry.

The programme is based on collegial learning and study visits to the members’ companies. This provides the participants with deep insights into the R&D processes in different sectors and how public authorities function. Another vehicle for knowledge transfer is the yearly one week trip to a country of special interest. In 2015 the group travelled to Germany and in 2016 to Hong Kong/Shenzhen where visits to industry, governmental agencies, institutes, and universities were made. In September 2017 the group is intending to study the R&D ecosystem in the Boston area by visiting for example companies, universities and research organizations.

Dr. Peter Holmstedt, KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), chairs the group and is a fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science's division for Mechanical Engineering.

IFG was founded in 1970 and there are now more than 150 IFG alumni representing an important part of IVA’s network in Swedish industry.