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From residual steel gases to methanol

9 November, 2016

The EU's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme has granted funding amounting to 110 million kronor for the FReSMe project, "From residual steel gases to methanol”. The aim is to develop a method for producing methanol from residual gases from steelmaking to fuel ships.

A by-product of steelmaking, residual gases, are currently used to produce electricity and heat. By utilizing the full energy potential of the gases, environmental impact from industry can be reduced while at the same time making use of an environmentally friendly fuel, in this case, methanol for fuelling ships.

The objective of the FReSMe project is to produce methanol for use/demonstration in the vessel Stena Germanica. This green fuel will be produced from carbon dioxide recovered from an industrial blast furnace at SSAB in Luleå, and hydrogen recovered both from the blast furnace gas itself, as well as H2 produced by electrolysis.

The project will make use of the existing equipment from two pilot plants: the Stepwise plant, which is being built at Swerea MEFOS in Luleå (for energy-efficient separation of carbon dioxide from blast furnace gas) and the MefCO2 plant, which is being built in Germany (to develop a method for producing methanol). Trials will be conducted at Swerea MEFOS, where parts of the MefCO2 plant will be installed during the course of the project. A newly built, 600-metre-long gas pipeline from SSAB's blast furnace to Swerea MEFOS is an essential component for realizing the project.

"One of our focus areas is use of cleaner energy. Here, we have to be creative and try new routes. The FReSMe project demonstrates the possibility of developing fossil-free fuels in new and unforeseen ways and the project is a good example of how we, together, can make both the steel industry and the maritime industry even more environmentally friendly," says Per Stefenson, project manager, Stena Teknik.

The project period is 2016-2020. Among the eleven companies from six countries participating are SSAB and Stena Rederi AB from Sweden. The project coordinator is Spanish I-Deals Innovation & Technology Venturing Services SL.

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