Clara Linder

Experience as a Trainee at l’Institut de la Corrosion

25 June, 2018

As trainee I got the opportunity to visit our subsidiary company l’Institut de la Corrosion (IC) in France, Saint Etienne. I stayed there for three months working side by side with French colleagues. The purpose of this stay was to do a part of a project and at the same time improve the coordination between Swerea KIMAB and IC for a better collaboration in future projects.  

The goal of the project is to investigate the corrosion properties of Additive manufactured (AM) material and compare them with the conventional manufactured material. The lab work consisted in wet corrosion testing: immersion test, critical pitting temperature determination and electrochemistry tests. From the first day at IC I felt welcomed and part of the team. The technicians helped me whenever I needed help in the lab and the engineers/researchers gave me advice whenever I needed on the interpretation of results or for the next steps in the project.

This French adventure was a great work experience and great personal experience since I got to know colleagues and make new friends.

About the city and tips

Saint Etienne is located in the south-east of France, in the region Loire.  The landscape is shaped by the river: hills, valleys and lakes with small towns here and there. There are also some artificial hills created during the coal mining in the 20th century. The mines gathered people from various part of Europe and the diversity of population remains even today. Saint-Etienne is part of UNESCO and known as the “city of design”.

Saint-Etienne is surrounded by great cities like Lyon, 2nd biggest city in France for a great medivial/modern and culinary experience; le Puy-en-Velay has beautiful monuments from the Middle age and great views; Valence, Chambéry or Grenoble on the way to the Alps for great skiing and hiking opportunities

French cuisine and wine culture

There are many good restaurants in Saint Etienne where you can enjoy typical French cuisine but also a local potato specialty: la rapée stéphanoise. Saint-Etienne’s nightlife is cheerful thanks to the many bars where you can have a good time with locals.  Recommendation for accommodation: rent a room in a shared apartment with locals for a good French life-experience

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