Pavel Ramirez Lopez antagen som docent vid KTH

Docent and associate professor in casting

17 April, 2018

On 13 April Pavel Ramirez Lopez was appointed Associate Professor (Docent) in Casting at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Pavel Ramirez Lopez has been appointed Associate Professor (Docent) in Casting at KTH in Stockholm. Pavel holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Imperial College London, and works at Swerea MEFOS as researcher in casting and flow simulation. The title of his Docent address was:  “Casting Research at Swerea MEFOS: Past Activities, Present Challenges and Future Perspectives”.

Johan Eriksson is Head of Research in Process Metallurgy at Swerea MEFOS, and he is very happy about the appointment:
“This will strengthen research in casting, at Swerea MEFOS as well as at KTH, but the big winner is the Nordic metallurgical industry, says Johan Eriksson.

The docent lecture was held on April 13 on KTH.