4 new test beds increases digitalisation in Swedish industry

27 October, 2017

Test- and demonstration sites are becoming increasingly important for Swedish manufacturing industry in order to keep up with a rapid technology development. Swerea IVF project manages four new test bed projects that have been granted SEK 23,5 million to support Swedish industry in moving towards a more sustainable production by introducing digital strategies and techniques. 

Vinnova- Sweden’s innovation agency, has granted Swerea IVF four new test bed projects within the strategic innovation programme Production2030. In the test beds companies will be able to build up virtual and physical environments and test future digitalized production methods with the starting point of creating competitiveness for the individual company.  

– We believe that this investment is important to realize the goal of being the best at using the opportunities of digitalization in Swedish manufacturing industry. Swedish industry and research can work together with on-line manufacturing methods and production flows. 

HJT – Hybrid Joining Test bed for smart production

The test bed will focus on supporting Swedish industry in the development of a flexible production with simulation and programming in a digital twin that combines the latest technology for adhesive bonding, hybrid joining, assembly and mechanical joining
Contact: per-johan.wahlborg [at] swerea.se 

DiSAM – Digitalisering av tillverkningskedjan av Additiv Tillverkning

The goal of the project is to connect the physical and digital plat forms in the manufacturing chain of additive manufacturing. This way, companies will be able to evaluate additive manufacturing as a production method with the potential of reducing lead times, ability to carry out adjustments in a quick and easy way, create innovative products and establish traceability in the manufacturing chain.
Contact: seyed.hosseini [at] swerea.se


Digi-load will strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish surface treatment industry by increasing the use of digital techniques in the production, especially within the area of loading and un-loading in the surface treatment process.
Contact: cecilia.groth [at] swerea.se

VIST – Vision Inspection Swedish Testbeds

The project aims at connecting existing test sites within optical measurement methods and data handling through visualization, to offer the industry solutions for on-line control in real time. The project is carried through together with Linköping University and Mid Sweden University
Contact: diana.ingvarsson [at] swerea.se

The test beds are a part of the Swedish Government’s investment to reach the 17 global goals for sustainable development.

If you would like to know more about Swerea IVF’s test beds and research projects in the area of manufacturing, please contact Elisabeth Sagström-Bäck, department manager.