To become a member

To join one of our Member Research Consortia (MRC), please contact a representative of the MRC that interests you.

The full membership fee is applied to the MRC of your choice. About a third of the total research volume at Swerea KIMAB is carried out within our various Member Research Consortia.

Membership benefits

  • Active members of Member Research Consortia (MRC) influence the orientation of the programmes in which they participate.
  • Controlled distribution and confidentiality of research findings.
  • Discounts on listed prices and priority, including use of experimental equipment, for commissioned R&D work at Swerea KIMAB.
  • Access to MRC websites with information on project activities within the MRC.
  • Access to Swerea KIMAB's national and international networks of companies, universities and research institutes.
  • Participation, free of charge, in Swerea KIMAB's annual members' day and in seminars and other meetings of the chosen MRC.
  • Access to Swerea KIMAB's library, including open reports.
  • Newsletters and other publications.

If the client wishes, all research and commissioned work is strictly confidential.