Swerea IVF AB is the research organisation for the manufacturing industry and our task is to work on applied research within the industry's core areas. This means that our focus must be guided by the industry's needs and that it should be possible for our results to be translated into business benefits.

Swerea IVF's Owners’ Association is a part-owner of Swerea, with RISE (formerly IRECO) and the stakeholder associations of other institutes comprising the other owners. This means that the Owners’ Association have a strong influence over how Swerea IVF can support Swedish manufacturing industry in the best possible way. You can find the current list of members on the page member companies.

Membership benefits

  • Together, we produce a plan for your company’s need of R&D
  • You use your own R&D pot (50% of the service fee) for
    - Discounted assignments
    - Membership in one or more of our 15 networks
  • You will receive the results of R&D projects carried out by the Owners’ association
  • You will have the possibility to influence and participate in specific R&D projects and Swerea IVF’s future research investments
  • We offer membership benefits in connection with specific seminars, workshops etc

Apply for membership

All companies have the opportunity to utilise Swerea IVF's skills, but our aim is that your decision to become a member of the Owners’ Association will lead to a long-term relationship that benefits both your company and Swerea IVF.

The annual membership fee is SEK 12,000 + 0.004 % of the member company's turnover (up to a maximum of SEK 500,000). Half of the annual fee may be used towards membership in a choice of network, or for use in personally selected R & D projects and, for those companies paying the maximum fee, an additional SEK 50,000 for network membership.