National Research Programmes

Applicable industrial research is often held in the form research programmes. Swerea is active within a number of different national research programmes spanning over a broad variety of industries.

We participate in the shaping of programme orientation, set up of research agendas and contribute with our expertise within different calls for proposal. As a research institute, we act as a link between companies from different industries with the end goal of influencing the programmes as to ensure they become of actual use to the industry.  

Listed below is a selection of current national programmes in which Swerea participate:

BioInnovation (in Swedish)

The overall vision for the project is a sustainable and waste free production, including the view on waste as a potential resource. The project is proposed as an integrated effort to take advantage of previously gained achievments, to demonstrate and evaluate new technologies according to feasibility for implementation in production and to support the further development of approaches of importance for sustainable production.

FFI (Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation)



Metalliska material

Mistra Future Fashion
The objective of Mistra Future Fashion is to deliver insights and solutions targeting the swedish fashion industry, regarding environmental sustainability. The insights aims to help the industry improve competitiveness as well as environmental performance.

Mistra Innovation

RE:Source (in Swedish)

Plasma project - Smart textiles
Textil Plasma is a techical platform and an initiative targeting the swedish textile industry and adjacent industry areas. The initiative aims to imrove the environmental profile and functionality of textile products through plasma treatment.

XPRES, Initiative for excellence in production research, is a joint project to develop an excellent research and education environment within advanced production. Indentified forcus areas are: Manufacturing for emergent materials and technologies; Life cycle approaches on product realization; and Adaptive and responsive production.